Service Packs

Your service experts need the right tools to provide the highest level of service to your clients. Another important tool that they need are service packs. Service packs are a collection of your most important brochures, equipment stickers, insurance forms and other items that are packaged in an attractive presentation folder to be opened when sitting with the homeowner. They will bring a consistent presentation of your companies products and services as your service expert moves through the items.

All of our service packs contain different items depending on the client. They all begin with a 9” x 12” presentation folder with two pasted pockets. Then inside, they most often include, brochures, coupon books or sheets, magnets, referral cards, insurance forms, services booklets, customer review cards, special promotional flyers, valve tags, equipment stickers, service reminder stickers and more. Once all of the items are assembled we place them into a poly bag to keep them clean and dry until your service expert takes them into the client’s home. Then, they can open the pack and present each item in a carefully scripted presentation.