A Simple Show Of Thanks Can Make A Customer For Life

In today’s service driven economy all transactions follow the usual path. You provide a product or service, your customer hands over their hard-earned cash and you say “Thank You.” And that usually ends the transaction. Well, everyone in business does that. Why not elevate your business to a level of exceptional customer service by sending a Thank You card signed by the business owner one week after the sale? Successful businesses are building solid customer loyalty and repeat business just by sending Thank You cards. And PrintFast has the programs to make it easy.

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Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

We can provide a personalized Thank You card solution for your company that will impress your customers. Each Thank You card will be personalized with your customer's name inside the card and will have your logo and contact information too. This is a low- cost method to build customer loyalty.

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Send Cookies with your Thank You Card

Do you have customers that have high-value transactions? Why not send them a Thank You card and a gift of one dozen delicious cookies? We offer a program that will send your customers a personalized Thank You card and one dozen cookies from Cookies For a Cure. Cookies For a Cure is a non-profit organization that sells amazing cookies and donates all profits to hospitals that are conducting research into finding a cure for children’s cancer. Please visit them at www.cookiesforacure.org. By sending your customers a Thank You card and one dozen cookies you will not only receive kudos from your clients, but you will receive exceptional praise for your support of a worthy cause.